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Not since Marita Golden’s Migrations of the Heart has a writer so deftly played the heartstrings that swing between Africa and African Americans. Heather Neff has written a modern romance with global scope. Bravo.”

—Veronica Chambers, author of When Did You Stop Loving MeM

“Heather Neff’s Accident of Birth is a convincing romance that explores the still uncharted terrain that lies between black Americans and Liberians, one of the most morally complex relationships of our time. More than a love story, it explores personal identities shaped by different chapters of the black diaspora.”

—Neely Tucker, author of Love in the Driest Season

“I’ve been admiring Heather Neff since the publication of her first novel Blackgammon. With Accident of Birth, my admiration has increased.”

—Colin Channer, author of Passing Through

“A well told story with social depth.”

—Bertice Berry, Ph.D., author of Redemption Song


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