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In 2016 she fought.

In 2018 she thought she won.

Now it's 2021.

Things are just getting started.

They've driven her into hiding, far away from the people she loves. She's under constant guard, with no knowledge of the outside world. 

Alex Paradise has lost much more than she gained when she survived Domino.

But has she survived Domino?

When FBI Agent Chancellor Solomon arrives at her hiding place, he brings news of horrific events taking place outside her remote refuge. Understanding she is no longer safe, Alex returns to a world altered by disease, social upheaval, and the growing threat of Domino.


Alex's survival--and the survival of those she loves--hangs on her courage, strength, and ingenuity. Her quest to defeat Domino hurtles her from a Caribbean cay to a mountain rainforest before she finds herself in Crescent City alongside her beloved friend, Phoebe Dufresne.


Confronted by an enemy grown more powerful and resourceful during her absence, Alex Paradise must look to the past to understand her present. She must trust her instincts and call upon the collective wisdom of the uniquely brilliant and defiant band of rebels who fight alongside her.

Alex Paradise & the Ubuntu Stone is the second installment in the series that began with Alex Paradise & Domino.

Coming in Fall 2024.

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