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They began dying in the summer.

Young Black women on the campus of an elite private college in rural Michigan. Bright, beautiful women who fought for success in their studies and were soon to graduate.

The officials said the deaths were tragic accidents, and Dr. Alexandra Janine Paradise, the only Black woman on the faculty at York College, reluctantly accepted it. That is, until her beloved student Kai Abiola is found floating in a bathtub filled with her own blood. Brilliant and beautiful, Kai was poised to begin a career in television, and Alex, who saw Kai as her protégé, younger sister—almost a daughter—refuses to believe Kai intentionally harmed herself.

Her opinion is shared by Detective Chancellor Solomon, who arrives from Detroit to assist the local authorities with the case. Desperate to understand what happened to Kai, Alex joins forces with the detective and quickly learns that the deaths of the other women are also suspicious. Is a serial killer active on York's idyllic campus, or is something larger, deeper, and more sinister responsible for the deaths of her students?

Aided by Phoebe Dufrense, the New Orleans native who has been her closest friend since she arrived at York, Alex is soon trapped in a dark maze involving a sensuous older professor who preys on his students, a secret book that may contain a coded message meant for her eyes alone, and a plot that reaches beyond the college to a stage much larger and more deadly than anything she could have imagined. Alex's survival is soon balanced on a tightrope of careful deduction, reckless courage, and her growing belief in "other ways of knowing." Forced to face her enemy alone, all weapons seem useless against the brutal and violent Domino...

With Alex Paradise & Domino, award-winning author Heather Neff has delivered a can't-put-it-down thriller and introduced a brand new heroine to the world of crime fiction. Alex joins the women of Neff's Saffron Bloom, Blissfield, Accident of Birth, and Wisdom—women whose strength and courage make them the targets of the cruelest and most cunning predators in their worlds...


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